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Is this flooring waterproof?
Yes, Howard's Luxury Vinyl Planks are 100% Waterproof.

Is luxury vinyl flooring right for me?

If you are looking for a durable floor that is easy to clean, silent and comfortable to walk on and is waterproof, then vinyl is the right floor for you. This floor can be installed in any room in your house over any subfloor with little to no prep. No additional pad is needed.

I am a homeowner, can I purchase this flooring from you?
Absolutely! Shop Howard's Flooring Warehouse sells and ships to anyone including homeowners, contractors, and installers.

How do I clean my floors?
We simply sweep the floor and use a wet mop swiffer to clean the floor. 

I have pets. How will this floor wear?
Howard's Luxury Vinyl offers a various levels of wear layers which are thicker and stronger for superior scratch & stain protection. These are one of the most pet-friendly products on the market. 

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